Why is Prayer so hard?

Urgh! I used to hate praying a lot. It felt like so much work because of the template we grew up with. That sweet sleep between 5 and 6 a.m especially if I slept late then my mum wakes me up abruptly “Alicia!!!! Wake up, it’s time for morning devotion” It became a chore I dreaded. Sometimes, at the sound of her voice I’d quickly kneel beside my bed, lifting up holy hands to make it seem like I’ve praying before she opens my door.

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Teach with Your Life

What are you doing with the children God has put in your care?

You don’t have to be their biological or adopted parent yet, but there’s a child near you

This got me thinking and I got defensive and blurted out loud “I don’t have daily contact with people’s children” then I remembered I have over 50 students in my care every day.

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Review: Things I Wished I Knew Before We Got Married

Why do people get married?

For love? Companionship? Sex? Children? Selfish reasons?

Why do you want to get married?

Does being in love make us ignore the fact that our social, spiritual, and intellectual interests are miles apart?

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The Ultimate Revelation Of Seed

I attended this conference to listen to just two people speak: Steve Harris and Fela Durotoye. I didn’t know any other person so I had no expectations. Shock on me when each speaker started pouring out deep wisdom from their wells of it.

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Understanding Where You Are In Your Life

Prior to this conference, I had no idea who Olori Ajayi was and right before she  spoke, I had to check her out on Google (trust me not to dull).

She’s a Fashion Entrepreneur, the founder of The KATIE WANG Company and the brain behind “Fashion on Wheels” which is the 1st Complete Fashion Store ON WHEELS in Nigeria and West Africa.

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