Meet Alicia


Alicia Erhioghene James and many other names i doubt you can pronounce



Extremely playful with a serious demeanor

Psychology graduate

Aspiring Cognitive Psychologist

Lover of all things dance, food, fashion & beauty, travel, books, babies… to mention a few

I own and manage the AliciaJames101 brand,a brainchild I’m passionate about even when I seem clueless

I love helping people. I wish life was easy for everyone but wishes are definitely not horses. It’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing as a child. What truly makes my heart happy and gives me fulfillment

In the words of Geoffrey S. Fletcher, “It’s so easy today to get swept up in celebrity fixation and materialism and searching for some validation outside of yourself when we know it’s really found within and through meaningful connections with other people. “
Therefore, I’d like us to connect and create meaningful conversations you just never know tomorrow. Here are my social media links: Facebook: Personal Profile|Facebook Page|Instagram|Twitter|Pinterest|Tumblr|Google+| Lol, yes I’m everywhere
I’m open to collaborations, if you’d like to work with me shoot me an email: I’d reply within 24hours
Drop yours and your blog links as well. I’d pass by and say Hi.Feel free to introduce yourself in the comment section below