Alicia’s 10: Weekly Reads

Who doesn’t love a good read?. Here are my favorites from this  week:

Money Lessons from Kevin Hart’s Success

Kevin Hart’s my favorite person on snap chat not because he’s funny but the man’s daily activities (most of what he shows) are filled with life lessons. Nobody knows how to promote Kevin Hart better than Kevin Hart. He’s always working. It’s either he’s in the gym, or on a movie set, or signing his new book, or going for interviews, or having photo shoots. He’s always up to something. You’d think with the amount of money he has, he’d relax. No, that’s not Kevin. He’d teach you a thing or two about money

Balling on a Budget

Apparently, there’s a science to balling on a budget. Yes!!!! I had absolutely no idea, I just found out too. In Arese’s word’s “… It’s not about being extremely frugal; It’s about making intelligent decisions that allow you strike a balance between building wealth systematically and enjoying a lifestyle that your income can support”. Who no like better thing?

Inside Out: Inspiration for the Creative Process

Heard about the “Emotional Guidance Scale”? No? Have you at least watched the animation ’Inside Out”? Ok, so Wendy says “Inside Out is a narrative that plays in the mind of an 11-year-old girl called Riley. The main characters in the animation are her feelings joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger. The animation simply gives faces to those little voices we have in our minds.”
This is a great animation as it depicts what goes on in our heads.  Find out what it has to do with the Emotional Guidance Scale

Stir-Frying 101

For all my foodies out there, need I say more?

The One Thing that Matters

Family always has been and always will be the one thing that matters the most to me. Coming from a dark phase in my life, this article made me realize how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve changed in something I consider a short time. Family is one thing we all should be grateful for; the bond God established between us is priceless. We all need love. Don’t assume your way of showing love is suitable for everyone. If they mean a to you, you’d discover and speak their love language

18 Investments to Make In Yourself

These days I’m all about personal growth. We spend too much time chasing our dreams and we forget to care for the facility that helps this dream chasing process. Take time out every day to invest in yourself. Self-love is much more than selfies and looking good; it’s deeper than that.

Healthy Ways to Manage Stress

If you are like me, you are also the champion of dealing with stress in the unhealthiest way possible. My excuse: that’s how I know how to manage it best. Thank God for change and wealth of information made easily available. You’ll find this as helpful as I did. Thank me later

13 questions to ask before starting a business

The mistake many people make is starting a business because they have an idea they “think” is good. Zero research or knowledge of the business involved. I started writing a business plan and discovered I have so much work to do (things I had absolutely no idea were important). These guys opened my eyes more.

3 Mindfulness Apps for Meditation and Relaxation

Currently using Headspace as recommended by a friend and honestly, it helps me sleep well.  The one thing I do so well is beat myself up so hard. The other thing I have a problem doing is being one with my surrounding and relaxing. Headspace helps me correct this

Blog Tips: The Ultimate List of Resources and Tools for Bloggers

To every blogger keeping up with the grind, you know how rough this road is. These tips would be very useful to you.


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