The Baobab Tree Analogy


I recently published an article on Child Trafficking: Child Ping-Pong where i shared the experience of a long-lost friend which sparked up conversations with my readers. In a similar light, a reader decided to share her experience which I found intriguing. It’s my first time reading about workplace abuse. We go through life everyday thinking we have the worst problems until conversations you have with people make you think twice.

There’s a Ghanaian proverb that goes

“Knowledge is like a Baobab tree, one person’s arms cannot encompass it”

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Today’s 21st Century Human

This post goes out to all the men and women who feel that society has tried to define who they are and define what they can and can’t do. And no I am not trying to justify certain situations and actions; we need to have boundaries as to how far we are willing to go and how far we are willing to push the envelope in all that we do.

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The “ZONE”

Every new month is graced with a Guest Post. So here’s something from one of my favorite people. It took a lot of persuasion to get him to write and eventually birthed this beautiful piece. I hope you love it as much as I do. Oh! he chose to stay anonymous because he’s shy. Lol, just joking.

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My Inner Darkness: The Battle with Insecurity

Recently, I have learnt that everyone processes life’s situations differently. Just because some of us have it easy does not mean everyone functions the same way. Sometimes, it’s good practice to sit back and ponder on what your reaction will be if you were to be in someone’s shoes. It makes life more peaceful at least mine has been peaceful lately.

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Love! Love!! Love!!! PART 1

First Guest Post officially launched, Whoop! Whoop!!. This post is very timely for me because i feel like there’s something in the air this period that is making people give up on Love. I hope this post changes your mind. My guest writer decided to stay anonymous for now so enjoy the story..

At certain point(s) in the life of a young man, you come across some real-life scenarios that shape your future…and your destiny.

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Love! Love!! Love!!! PART 2

Several months down the line, she concluded her exams and returned home in the same city I lived back in Nigeria. We had frequent outings and more expensive fun times, and then my finances began to dwindle acutely. I had gotten the SOS from my bank statements and so the CVs had to start flying out. There were times I could not afford to buy petrol to enable me drive to her home and take her out to the movies or some fun places. I often used the excuse of tending to my father when I found myself in that acute financial condition. Knowing that I was a great football lover to the point it became an addiction, and that I was a firm supporter of Manchester United Football Club, I often used the excuse of watching football to let her know why I couldn’t come to see her.

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