Why You’ll Never Be Great

The best part about wanting to be GREAT is DREAMING IT. It’s so beautiful picturing what you want your life to be like when we add color and juice to our dreams. It’s the best and easiest. Most times we have random ideas that could be developed into multi-million dollar empires but they remain there in […]

Teach with Your Life

What are you doing with the children God has put in your care? You don’t have to be their biological or adopted parent yet, but there’s a child near you This got me thinking and I was almost quick to get into defense mode and say “I don’t have daily contact with people’s children” then […]

How I Stop Feeling Depressed

I found this piece interesting. You’d love it too Source: The Thought Catalog My alarm was sounding for 9 minutes before I realized it was ringing. I thought it was the background noise to the dream I was having. I could’ve gone back to sleep but I didn’t. The first 10 minutes of today was tough. […]

The Man With The MIDAS TOUCH

ME: Hey girl, So I have this segment on my blog that I want to revive, It’s called INSPIRE. There’s definitely a lot of people that inspire you but I want you to write about your Uncle Debola. Tell me what about him inspires you. You might be inspiring someone reading it with that story […]

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