Day 23 & The Days That follow



I’d be off for the next 3 weeks as i go to serve my country, Nigeria.I’m keeping an open mind on this one and I’d be sure to document my adventures in words and pictures, Wish me luck.

For those on the gratitude challenge with me, here’s the challenge for the remaining days in November. I’d still do them as well but I will be unable to post it online, sobs.


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Day 18: Through The Eyes of a Child


First off, I owe everyone on this challenge with me an apology for being MIA. The past 5 days were hectic for me. I get home hoping I’d take a brief nap and document my gratitude list for the day afterwards. Each time, the nap extends to the next day.

A friend of mine who’s on the challenge too asked if we’re still on the challenge and after explaining the situation to her she said “That’s also something to be grateful for. Someone somewhere is finding it difficult to sleep”. Therefore I am grateful for sleep; the short naps that extended to hours of sleep.

So Today’s Challenge: 

Let’s view the world through the eyes of a child.

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Day 5: The Unconventional List

What’s the difference between being a grateful person and being grateful for things?

I bet everyone’s gratitude list has similar items which isn’t a problem. There are those things we aren’t grateful for because of how much we’ve taken them for granted or don’t even notice.

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