The Ultimate Revelation Of Seed

I attended this conference to listen to just two people speak: Steve Harris and Fela Durotoye. I didn’t know any other person so I had no expectations. Shock on me when each speaker started pouring out deep wisdom from their wells of it.

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Understanding Where You Are In Your Life

Prior to this conference, I had no idea who Olori Ajayi was and right before she  spoke, I had to check her out on Google (trust me not to dull).

She’s a Fashion Entrepreneur, the founder of The KATIE WANG Company and the brain behind “Fashion on Wheels” which is the 1st Complete Fashion Store ON WHEELS in Nigeria and West Africa.

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FREE Conference

‏Scrolling through my Instagram feed late August, the poster for this conference caught my attention and i was like “OMG!!! Fela Durotoye & Steve Harris live in the flesh” I was so gassed. I had to be in attendance.

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What Don’t You Like About Yourself? 

After so much anticipation, I finally watched Kemi Adetiba’s “King Women” series. If you haven’t watched it yet, catch the full scoop HERE I binge watched 10 episodes and each one loaded with wisdom, loads of it. Looking forward to watching more episodes. Contrary to popular belief (or not), it’s not a series on a “feminist approach to life” or something just women will benefit from.

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The Battle: A 9-5 Job Vs. Entrepreurship

Reading this article HERE inspired this topic. I thought to give my own opinion on this one. Two heads are better than one so I didn’t write this alone and I’m sure my co-author would like to remain anonymous, so we’ll give him a pseudo name,  Jason.

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The Man With The MIDAS TOUCH

ME: Hey girl, So I have this segment on my blog that I want to revive, It’s called INSPIRE. There’s definitely a lot of people that inspire you but I want you to write about your Uncle Debola. Tell me what about him inspires you. You might be inspiring someone reading it with that story plus I know it’s something you’d enjoy writing.

DAISY: Good, I will write about uncle.

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So what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the acronym Y.O.L.O?… That’s what I asked them and this is what they had to say: Ah!, you only live once na.. Party hard.. Drinking till I blackout.. Smoking.. Being spontaneous.. Doing lots of crazy things. If anyone tries to interfere in my business I’ll just tell them.. YOLO baby!!!!

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The Renaissance Woman: Secrets On Career, Life, And Leadership You Need To Know

I have always loved Oprah. I do not have a particular reason but I just grew up loving her and how successful she was. The irony of this was that I never stalked her like I usually stalk people I love like Steve Jobs (RIP). So let’s just say my love for her was from a distance.

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