Day 19: Mirror Mirror

Stand in front of the mirror for five minutes and focus on at least five things that you love about yourself. Write them down in your journal.

Once upon a time, I hated mirrors.

All I saw was a reflection of my ugliness. Oh no, not just facially but my entire body just looked ugly to me. For every time I looked in the mirror, I’d see a thousand new things to hate about my body. I can’t receive a compliment without thinking “Yeah right, he’s/she’s just trying to make me feel good”

Now, I have a problem staying away from the mirror except I’m out of the house. Oh my phone camera stands in, lol. I guess I just learnt to love myself.

 I wake up each day speaking so much life and positivity into my life that I can’t help but love me more.

I spoke to someone recently with the same struggle I had years ago. Every time I look at him, I see my old self. We’re working on throwing those negative thoughts out the window and I’m glad to say we’re making progress.

I just needed to share my story for someone who might be struggling with the same thing. It doesn’t happen overnight; it took me twenty something years to realize I was beautiful on the inside and outside. I hope it doesn’t take you that long.

Self love isn’t about taking the perfect selfie but learning to love your perfect imperfections and being comfortable in your skin.

I can write a thousand things I love about myself when I look at the mirror but it all sums up into one: I love the woman I’m growing into everyday.

The dark days and struggles were all worth it. The little David in me conquering the giant Goliath

What are your thoughts?