Disney Cartoons That Shaped My Childhood 

A while back, I shared my My Top 10: Childhood Movies and I decided to share my top 10 Disney cartoons. I have no idea what kids are watching these days but back then these were the shiznit.  Disney cartoons nowadays have nothing on them.

  1. Lion King


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I hated and still hate Scar because of Mufasa, I actually cried when Mufasa died. It was that intense for me. Timon and Pumba came along with the best life lesson “Hakuna Matata”.  Singing and dancing along with them was fun but most of us missed the lesson. Today, we’re swamped with life’s issues; trying to figure out and do so many things on our own. I all this remember that your worries never made your problems go away.

2. Jungle Book 

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“Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife”. You remember this song right? As Baloo, the bear sang, he tells Mowgli not to let worries get to him and to learn to relax. The best things in life are free: family, friends, love, laughter, you name it. Sometimes we’re caught up “chasing the paper” that we neglect those we love. Take time out to appreciate people, live, love, laugh, and relax. 

3. Mulan

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My darling brave Fa Mulan and her companion, Mushu. Taking her father’s  in the Chinese  by impersonating a man was rather a brave move. In life, you’re stronger than you think and all you have to do is “never give up”. You’d have it tough in the beginning but that’s all a moulding process. Imagine if Mulan had given up during her moulding , what would have happened during the Hun Invasion.

4. Pocahontas

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When bold Pocahontas decides to take the road less traveled by. It gets really annoying when parents try to force their ideas on you,  it only leads to rebellion. Her father decides to marry her off to Kocoum so she can have a stable life. 

As much as stability is the safe option, it often leads to boredom. Kocoum is so terse and serious- clearly not “the One” for the one whose name means “playful”. Stoic Kocoum was never a match for the Romantic John Smith.

I’m  not saying you should be disrespectful to your parents. As much as you want to please them, know that ultimately, your life is your own. You must make your own decisions and choose your path.

5. Snow White and the  7 Dwarfs

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I have a problem with small minded people. The Evil Queen was blinded by her lust for outter beauty that she didn’t understand the words of the magic mirror. Snow White is “the fairest of them all”. The Magic mirror recognized Snow White’s Beauty from within and outside. Despite all attempts by the Evil Queen to be the “fairest of them all”, she failed not because she was ugly but because her heart wasn’t pure.

Are you beautiful on the inside? So you spend as much time working on your inner beauty as you do on your physical appearance. It’s actually expensive to maintain your outward beauty and it costs nothing to develop your inner beauty. Stop casting a lustful eye over what someone has or constantly trying to be better than the next person by possibly eliminating him.

Radiate your own beauty from where you are.

6. The Little Mermaid 

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Speak your mind and let your voice be heard. Ariel learns  the heard way when she makes a deal with Ursula who tricked her into exchanging her voice for being human so she could be with Prince Eric.

Never underestimates the power of your voice. Ariel had “the most beautiful voice” and it’s no wonder that Ursula wanted it for herself. 

Everyone has something valuable to say,  don’t let anyone shut you up or make you feel like your contribution is useless. Don’t get tricked into selling your voice, you become a puppet to a puppeteer. You were given a voice for a reason, speak up!

7. Pinnochio

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There’s a little Pinocchio in all of us with Jimmy Cricket as our conscience and wicked Honest Johns with the tendency to lead us astray.  All our problems in life stem from ignoring our conscience when it tries to steer us in the right direction.  I love how Kerry Washington’s character,  Olivia Pope in the series “Scandal” always trusts her gut. I guess her Jimmy Cricket was a happy one.

It’s better safe than sorry. The gut feeling you have about a situation is never wrong.

8. Cinderella 

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She chooses to be kind and brave despite her circumstances. Some of us will use that as an excuse to be mean to people because we let our circumstances define who we are or who we become. She had the option of throwing herself a pity party when her step mother declines her request to attend the ball rather she was determined to attend the ball even when she had been told the magical transformation wiol wear off at midnight.

Do not let your current situation define who you are or stop you from dreaming.

9. A Bug’s Life 

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The story of Flik and his ant colony where Flik tried to fight the criminal grasshopper Hopper that threatens his colony with annihilation.

Flik was just an ordinary clumsy ant whose mishap lead to their problems but he was apt and valiant in fighting back. This story taught courage,  sacrifice, communication, and leadership.

10. The Swan Princess

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Atleast, Rothbart the sorcerer said one valuable thing to Odette after kidnapping her “Once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep it”. He wasn’t going to give Princess Odette up without a fight. 

What’s yours will come naturally, what’s not yours will take a village and a country to keep it. 

What were your favourite Disney cartoons and how did they shape your childhood?

4 thoughts on “Disney Cartoons That Shaped My Childhood 

  1. This piece brings great memories especially cause I still love I animations.

    I learnt the power of self belief from Lion King.When Simba went back to save the rest of the animals from the wrath of Scar his evil uncle.

    I cried when Mufasa died too and what made it worse was the fact that Simba blamed himself for it.

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