How I Stop Feeling Depressed

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Source: The Thought Catalog

My alarm was sounding for 9 minutes before I realized it was ringing. I thought it was the background noise to the dream I was having.

I could’ve gone back to sleep but I didn’t.

The first 10 minutes of today was tough.

It’s 7:18 a.m. now. I’ve been up for just over an hour. It’s slowly getting easier.

An hour ago I didn’t want to do anything today. It was a weird feeling, it was depressing.

I began questioning myself, why would I be feeling like this?

Lack of sleep?

Maybe, but I got at least 7.5 hours.

Not wanting to work on what I’m working on?

I’m loving what I’m learning right now, that can’t be it.

I realized trying to find a reason may take longer than what it’s worth. It could be just one of those days. I can accept that.

I put on a mask on sometimes. I become extremely positive and energetic around other people to maintain my always happy image

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