Everything I am today and will become, I owe it to her.

I always will. I will tell her story for as long as life permits me

You look at her and you see another wonder of the world that I will document

Her beautiful hands tell a story that I took out time to unravel because she’s reluctant to share

God took his time to create this one. Hands so soft like a day old baby

I searched for the hand creams and moisturizer responsible for this and found none

Then it dawned on me: God made her this way

Why was she so different? I asked myself every time

“God please make my skin as flawless and as beautiful as hers” I prayed

You will not understand this beauty but a blind person pure of the world’s dilute standards

Has the liberty to define beauty just the way I love it

A person is beautiful because they are true to themselves


I secretly watched and admired her, every second of every day

 The way she dressed and adorned herself like the host of an event

 The way the fabric lay perfectly on her flawless skin

How her jewelry illuminated the entire outfit; her confidence was out of this world

She dressed like every day was her last

She had no time to save her best clothes to slay on a day we tagged special


She was stern

The African Margaret Thatcher

Behind her smiles and warm demeanor was a woman who spared no bullshit;

 she called it out for what it was. Without fear or favor

She wasn’t scared to ‘call a spade a spade and not a big spoon’ behind and in front of you

 She believed in doing and saying what’s right

For the longest time, she was feared by her children who interpreted this sternness for wickedness

 This was her preparing them for the harsh world ahead even though her measures might have seemed extreme at that point

 From the outside, everyone admired how prim and proper her children where until life happened (story for another day)


Her courage and bravery

Something the wolves need to add to theirs

In my twenty something years on earth, I am still in awe

 The confidence she exudes is out of this world

 She believes in a few things that if applied can be the best recipe to approach life;

she believes that life has two responses: Yes, or No.

No Grey Area

If it’s a Yes we’re all merry and jolly.

If it’s a No we’re still all merry and jolly and we’ll still, try again.

Think about it, if we all had this mindset fear wouldn’t exist


Being selfless.

She advocates for this through her lifestyle

Even to those who hurt her countless times as long as her love for them supersedes the hurt

 I still can’t fathom how she pulls that off because I’d be too quick to write the person off after so much hurt

She’s too quick to put herself last and everyone first

My fear is that very few will appreciate such selflessness before she leaves earth


As I secretly watch her in my corner,

I think about everything she is that I wouldn’t be

My plan isn’t to live in her shadows but to emulate certain attributes that will be helpful to me in my life’s journey

Every time she catches my hungry glare she responds with this encouraging smile that translates into:

 “I know you can do it, I believe in you”


Today I am me

 Getting stronger, growing wiser, fighting battles, loving life, keeping an open mind and learning every day

I hear people say: You’re just like her

That’s supposed to make me happy right?

 Bearing in mind that I thought I’d never be like her

 It scares me to my bones

 Her shoes are huge shoes to fill shoes larger than those of the kings of old

Where do I even start from?

How do I face life better than she has?

Raise amazing children like hers?

Take risks without giving up?… and all other questions I battle with daily.


I look at her and I see age is beginning to tell

As she slowly passes the mantle over to me,

Reminding me why I can’t be a failure

Why I always have to make her proud, even when she’s gone

 I get lost looking at her because I see the young and vibrant woman whose confidence men marveled at

and intimidated the women around

A woman who never took No for an answer,

a woman who made sure her children never lost focus,

a woman whom God calls “The Apple of His Eyes”,

 a woman who loves to laugh and play,

a woman who understand the very essence of love that we still haven’t grasped in this generation.

A woman I call MY MOTHER.

You won’t understand this legend if you haven’t met her yet.

Add this to your bucket list, she’d be happy to meet you.


Question: Who inspires you?

Answer: You just read about her and she turned 56 yesterday

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  1. Sincerely appreciate you. I know you can occupy that position and excel it for your children. You are well on course to have recognized these virtues in her, God will give u grace,ride on and remain blessed.

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