Teach with Your Life

What are you doing with the children God has put in your care?

You don’t have to be their biological or adopted parent yet, but there’s a child near you

This got me thinking and I was almost quick to get into defense mode and say “I don’t have daily contact with people’s children” then I remembered I have over 50 students in my care every day.

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How I Stop Feeling Depressed

I found this piece interesting. You’d love it too

Source: The Thought Catalog

My alarm was sounding for 9 minutes before I realized it was ringing. I thought it was the background noise to the dream I was having.

I could’ve gone back to sleep but I didn’t.

The first 10 minutes of today was tough.

It’s 7:18 a.m. now. I’ve been up for just over an hour. It’s slowly getting easier.

An hour ago I didn’t want to do anything today. It was a weird feeling, it was depressing.

I began questioning myself, why would I be feeling like this?

Lack of sleep?

Maybe, but I got at least 7.5 hours.

Not wanting to work on what I’m working on?

I’m loving what I’m learning right now, that can’t be it.

I realized trying to find a reason may take longer than what it’s worth. It could be just one of those days. I can accept that.

I put on a mask on sometimes. I become extremely positive and energetic around other people to maintain my always happy image

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The Man With The MIDAS TOUCH

ME: Hey girl, So I have this segment on my blog that I want to revive, It’s called INSPIRE. There’s definitely a lot of people that inspire you but I want you to write about your Uncle Debola. Tell me what about him inspires you. You might be inspiring someone reading it with that story plus I know it’s something you’d enjoy writing.

DAISY: Good, I will write about uncle.

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Why Motivation is Useless

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The thing about setting goals is it’s easy to write challenging ones that require a certain level of discomfort at the beginning.

The thing about developing new habits is it’s easier to write them down than actually put them into practice. They are new information the brain needs to get used to hopefully after 21days.

The thing about motivation is you feel all juiced up, but for a moment. Motivation dictates to you when you should or shouldn’t work. 

What if I told you, you don’t need motivation to be great?

What if I told you, writing down/having goals isn’t enough recipe for success? 

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The Wildbunch Presents

When I talked about how Jos is regaining it’s lost glory HERE I’m sure you thought I was joking. You probably thought “All these bloggers and their usual hype just to get attention”. Sorry to disappoint, I don’t roll that way, it wasn’t a gimmick, I’ll allow the pictures speak for themselves.

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The Unforgettable Easter Experience

Ah!, Jos used to be the place we traveled to for holidays

Jos is a dead town, nothing thrives there

Jtown, the Wild Wild West according to M.I, please is it true?

Ah! I can’t come to Jos o, don’t want Boko Haram to bomb me

You live in Jos? Wow. How are you surviving there?

NOW… Allow me disabuse your mind

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10 Types of People You Need in Your Life

       Anytime I remember the phrase “20 friends can’t be together for 20 years” it brings to mind the expression on my sage’s face while he taught me the importance of the people I let into my life. According to Jim Rohn,  “you’re  the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. We are influenced by those closest to us either positively or negatively. They have an influence on our decisions,  how we act,  self-esteem, career, family, and future.

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