The Wildbunch Presents

When I talked about how Jos is regaining it’s lost glory HERE I’m sure you thought I was joking. You probably thought “All these bloggers and their usual hype just to get attention”. Sorry to disappoint, I don’t roll that way, it wasn’t a gimmick, I’ll allow the pictures speak for themselves.

10 Types of People You Need in Your Life

Anytime I remember the phrase “20 friends can’t be together for 20 years” it brings to mind the expression on my sage’s face while he taught me the importance of the people I let into my life. According to Jim Rohn,  “you’re  the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. We […]

I’ll Do It Later

Just one more hour Okay,  5 minutes Squeeze in a power nap Oh shoot! I need to check my email Wait!  What’s on the news?  Honestly,  I don’t feel like doing anything I doubt anyone will buy the idea Someone else will do it if I don’t,  so… I have enough time I don’t  think […]

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