The Wildbunch Presents

When I talked about how Jos is regaining it’s lost glory HERE I’m sure you thought I was joking. You probably thought “All these bloggers and their usual hype just to get attention”. Sorry to disappoint, I don’t roll that way, it wasn’t a gimmick, I’ll allow the pictures speak for themselves.

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The Unforgettable Easter Experience

Ah!, Jos used to be the place we traveled to for holidays

Jos is a dead town, nothing thrives there

Jtown, the Wild Wild West according to M.I, please is it true?

Ah! I can’t come to Jos o, don’t want Boko Haram to bomb me

You live in Jos? Wow. How are you surviving there?

NOW… Allow me disabuse your mind

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Love! Love!! Love!!! PART 1

First Guest Post officially launched, Whoop! Whoop!!. This post is very timely for me because i feel like there’s something in the air this period that is making people give up on Love. I hope this post changes your mind. My guest writer decided to stay anonymous for now so enjoy the story..

At certain point(s) in the life of a young man, you come across some real-life scenarios that shape your future…and your destiny.

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The One Thing that Matters..

I’ve gone through a lot lately and it feels like I’m hitting rock bottom. You know that feeling of everything below the iceberg hitting the surface all at once. I knew my life was a mess but I didn’t know how to fix it. For every time I tried, I ended up falling back into the same mess. Despite all these, one thing kept me going and of course the one thing that matters.. Family..

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