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87. Overlook the weaknesses of your friends. If you look for flaws you will most surely find them. Be mature enough to ignore the petty failings of others and see the good that each one inherently possesses.
88. Familiarity breeds contempt. There’s a reason the stars remain far above the Earth.
89.  “mens sana in corpore sano” which means in a sound body rests a sound mind.
90. Love GOD, your family, friends… wholeheartedly

Naija’s own.. AliciaJames101🆖

Why I Don’t Love God

What is love?.. How can you honestly describe what you feel for someone/towards something as love?.. Or maybe I should ask: What are the key things that indicate genuine love?.. Love is deep even I don’t understand it sometimes because just when you think you’ve figured it out, something else pops up..
We use the word loosely these days and I feel it has lost its value to lots only but a few truly understand it.. Many people have defined love to suit their own selfish desires, correct me if I’m wrong but that’s just how I feel..

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The Master Pupeteer: The Power of the Silent Killer

For those of us that grew up with the fear of darkness, we believed that bad things only happened at night. Whenever we were caught in dark places alone, we had scary hallucinations: figures, shapes, horror movie characters, snakes, scorpions, and all sorts trying to attack us. I remember my mother calling me ‘Muskule’ which means a cat in Hausa because of how much I snuggled up to her once it was dark.Of course, I still have fear of darkness not because of my childhood imaginations but due to personal experiences while growing up that sort of scarred me. Conquering that fear has not been easy, but I try. So that’s about it. The belief that bad things only happen at night..

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