Review: Things I Wished I Knew Before We Got Married

Why do people get married?

For love? Companionship? Sex? Children? Selfish reasons?

Why do you want to get married?

Does being in love make us ignore the fact that our social, spiritual, and intellectual interests are miles apart?

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Day 5: The Unconventional List

What’s the difference between being a grateful person and being grateful for things?

I bet everyone’s gratitude list has similar items which isn’t a problem. There are those things we aren’t grateful for because of how much we’ve taken them for granted or don’t even notice.

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Life's Kitchen


87. Overlook the weaknesses of your friends. If you look for flaws you will most surely find them. Be mature enough to ignore the petty failings of others and see the good that each one inherently possesses.
88. Familiarity breeds contempt. There’s a reason the stars remain far above the Earth.
89.  “mens sana in corpore sano” which means in a sound body rests a sound mind.
90. Love GOD, your family, friends… wholeheartedly

Naija’s own.. AliciaJames101🆖

Man the M.U.M.U


Now that i have your attention, let’s proceed to the business of the day..

To science students, the duality of matter is its capability to exist in two different forms while exhibiting the respective properties of the form. Now, what does that have to do with Man being a mumu? (Nigerian pidgin for a stupid or foolish person or in this case: Man Unstable Man Unsettled)

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Take Nothing Seriously

I looked up and saw the inscription “Take nothing seriously”  I smiled..

Why?.. As I sit here I’m lost in a gazillion thoughts about how my life should be.. Trying to plan the next hour, tomorrow, next month, five years from now.. You get the drift.. The moment I saw that inscription I smiled and stopped.

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New Year Vibes


So.. I’m back.. After being MIA for a while.. School became more hectic than I could handle.. Anyways, story for another day.. How y’all doing?

It feels good to be alive to see another beautiful year. 365 days of a fresh start yeh? Sounds amazing. Each day given to right the wrongs of the previous day and make each second of it count.

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Why I Don’t Love God

What is love?.. How can you honestly describe what you feel for someone/towards something as love?.. Or maybe I should ask: What are the key things that indicate genuine love?.. Love is deep even I don’t understand it sometimes because just when you think you’ve figured it out, something else pops up..
We use the word loosely these days and I feel it has lost its value to lots only but a few truly understand it.. Many people have defined love to suit their own selfish desires, correct me if I’m wrong but that’s just how I feel..

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