Why is Prayer so hard?

Urgh! I used to hate praying a lot. It felt like so much work because of the template we grew up with. That sweet sleep between 5 and 6 a.m especially if I slept late then my mum wakes me up abruptly “Alicia!!!! Wake up, it’s time for morning devotion” It became a chore I dreaded. Sometimes, at the sound of her voice I’d quickly kneel beside my bed, lifting up holy hands to make it seem like I’ve praying before she opens my door.

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The “ZONE”

Every new month is graced with a Guest Post. So here’s something from one of my favorite people. It took a lot of persuasion to get him to write and eventually birthed this beautiful piece. I hope you love it as much as I do. Oh! he chose to stay anonymous because he’s shy. Lol, just joking.

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Love! Love!! Love!!! PART 1

First Guest Post officially launched, Whoop! Whoop!!. This post is very timely for me because i feel like there’s something in the air this period that is making people give up on Love. I hope this post changes your mind. My guest writer decided to stay anonymous for now so enjoy the story..

At certain point(s) in the life of a young man, you come across some real-life scenarios that shape your future…and your destiny.

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Love! Love!! Love!!! PART 2

Several months down the line, she concluded her exams and returned home in the same city I lived back in Nigeria. We had frequent outings and more expensive fun times, and then my finances began to dwindle acutely. I had gotten the SOS from my bank statements and so the CVs had to start flying out. There were times I could not afford to buy petrol to enable me drive to her home and take her out to the movies or some fun places. I often used the excuse of tending to my father when I found myself in that acute financial condition. Knowing that I was a great football lover to the point it became an addiction, and that I was a firm supporter of Manchester United Football Club, I often used the excuse of watching football to let her know why I couldn’t come to see her.

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