The Battle: A 9-5 Job Vs. Entrepreurship

Reading this article HERE inspired this topic. I thought to give my own opinion on this one. Two heads are better than one so I didn’t write this alone and I’m sure my co-author would like to remain anonymous, so we’ll give him a pseudo name,  Jason.

Alicia: There’s a lot of confusion going on especially with the rise of entrepreneurship campaigns and capacity building & skill acquisition trainings. 95% of the people you meet today want to be entrepreneurs which isn’t a bad idea. It becomes bad when a 9-5 job is made to seem suboptimal. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a 9-5 job. The hours might be “inconvenient” for you or the job’s more “stressful” than what you signed up for or whatever excuse it is you can cook up to make a 9-5 sound bad all in the bid to delve into entrepreneurship. I know a lot of people who did great at their jobs and rose to the top of the corporate ladder because they excelled at their job. 

While the idea of starting up your own business is an interesting one, it’s no stroll in the park. The first stages of entrepreneurship are crazy. The stress and inconveniences you’d meet at its inception stages are more than the ones you ran away from at a 9-5. What has kept a lot of successful entrepreneurs going is the reason they started.

These days people know how to make you feel bad about your job if you’re not an entrepreneur, it’s the latest fad. It’s almost like you’re missing out on something. They make you feel like you’re living an empty and misguided life. The truth is: ENTREPRENEURSHIP ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. Please nobody should fool you. 

Whichever you decide to do, it’s not about the money solely. I’ve found that a lot of people “like the idea of being entrepreneurs” but can’t withstand the stress that comes with it. Your passion for the job/business must always exceed your appetite for the money. 

If everyone is an entrepreneur, who will be the employees? Who’ll help you grow your business?. To each his own, everyone has a unique purpose for which he’ll serve best. What’s paramount is understanding God’s plan and purpose for your life. 

Speaking of purpose.. Let me bless your heart with 3 quotes that blessed mine from the King of purpose himself, Late. Dr. Myles Munroe 

“You must decide if you’re going to rob the world or bless it with the rich, valuable, potent,  untapped resources locked away within you”

“Purpose is when you know and understand what you were born to accomplish, vision is when you see it in your mind and begin to imagine it”

“Nothing in life is without purpose but not every purpose is known. When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”


Jason: Our focus therefore,  should be centered on self discovery, and self actualization. The reason many do not succeed is because they fail to figure out what they were created to achieve, produce. So what you see often is a fish constantly judging success by its ability/inability (as the case may be) to climb a tree.

My question is;

“Must we quit trying just because we failed yesterday?

“Must we quit trying just because we missed a few steps?”

“Must we quit trying just because we lost some money?”

Now while trying WE FAIL at some point, miss a few steps, etc. but that’s not all there is to the future we want.

I am a believer of this Truth; “If you do what you always do, you’ll get all you’ve always gotten”. Nothing changes until we change, we must keep evolving, reinventing ourselves; we must continue to try until we reach our goal. Hmmm, how can we reach our goal when in some cases we do not even know what the goal is? Something to ponder on.

We are often easily carried away by the glitz and glamour, we are so fixated on money that we neglect the process of actually making some. So we are caught up in the rat race syndrome, exerting so much effort with little or no work done.

From the words of Late Jim Rohn, one of my most revered mentors, he said; “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced everyday”

The path to self discovery (Purpose discovery) is one of the most difficult paths in our lives but those brave enough to walk that path and discover what it is God created them to do are the ones we celebrate today. It’s no wonder only the 1% are truly financially free.

One of the things we so much look forward to in life, is to be FINANCIALLY FREE. To be able to afford the life we dream of, get whatever we want when we want, have time freedom, however I know like you do that no one succeeds by chance. Success is never A GAME OF LUCK SUCCESS IS WHO YOU ARE, THAT YOU HAVE WORKED ON.

Studying from great minds & successful men, over time this is all I keep hearing from them.

To be financially free you must;

1. Be a Business Owner.

2. Be an Investor.

3. Have Multiple streams of income [some even say you must have up to 7 streams]

Every man you know that has ever been truly successful & financially free will always point to these important factors.                        

Hmmm. Does this mean we must all own businesses? Well I will allow Alicia answer this question she is after all the expert


Alicia: Oh wow! Thanks for trapping me. The business of a business has always been to solve a need. If you’re able to create a solution to an existing problem in the society, by all means show us what you’ve got.  In my opinion, some people are blessed with the ability to own and run businesses, others to help grow the business. Each play a vital role in the business, none is less important. In the words of Adebola Williams “Some people are called to Entrepreneurship whilst some Intra-preneurship and others dream-building-ship. Find your ship and sail on it”

These are our two cents on this topic, what are yours?

5 thoughts on “The Battle: A 9-5 Job Vs. Entrepreurship

  1. I think the post is really a food for thought for me. I really agree with all the words said.
    I know that people have a lot in common but are basically different.
    We truly should work hard to see what we do differently from others and by different, I mean distinctly and uniquely different. Usually this truth points us in the direction of our purpose.
    We all are part of this system, so find out where you matter the most.
    Finding purpose is a MUST for ALL.

  2. This post could not have come at a better time in my life. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I did business through campus by selling my artwork and I am just about to finish a course on creative entrepreneurship.

    I am also working full time as a digital marketing intern which is still making use of my artistic talents and to say the truth I am really enjoying it. See now that’s where the dilemma comes in. However, I agree finding my purpose in life is the only way I will be able to figure out what to do next.

What are your thoughts?