The Man With The MIDAS TOUCH

ME: Hey girl, So I have this segment on my blog that I want to revive, It’s called INSPIRE. There’s definitely a lot of people that inspire you but I want you to write about your Uncle Debola. Tell me what about him inspires you. You might be inspiring someone reading it with that story plus I know it’s something you’d enjoy writing.

DAISY: Good, I will write about uncle.

DAISY: There is more to life than what you see. Whatever you desire you can attract, if you dream of sitting with kings and queens, so will you, but you got to be in sync with that desire. God bless Instagram for linking me up with my mentor, a man I respect and look up to with great admiration.


  • He is a Nigerian media entrepreneur, journalist, political activist & motivational speaker.
  • The co-founder of RED Media, an umbrella to (a blog talking about the state of Nigeria with catchy titles)
  • CEO of Statecraft Inc.; a communication company behind HE President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo 2016  presidential win. His company is also the force behind the president of Nigeria HE Muhammed Buhari’s rise to power.
  • He recently visited Kenya (my homeland) and all I could say is whichever candidate he will support, is already the presidential winner.
  • This is the man with a golden touch!
  • An alumnus of the London School of Journalism, London School of Marketing and the Pan-African University,
  • A member of the African Leadership Network, a British Council Global Changemaker and Founder of the Lagos Business Braintrust.
  • He sits on the boards of Slum to School Africa, and was the former chairman of Enough is Enough Nigeria
  • He chairs the advisory board for the Young Entrepreneurs Network.

This is a summary of his accomplishments, the few amongst the many!

Source: PM NEWS

Let me introduce to you my mentor, Uncle Adebola Williams. After graduating no one told me that I was now at the bottom of the ladder on my path to success/my career. As a matter of fact, everyone was excited and gave me false hope of how I was going to take the world by storm and earn myself a six-figure salary as I swiftly rose from one promotion to the next. Little didn’t I know that for me to get to where I wanted would be one hell of a journey that even throwing in the towel would be a considerable option.

At a certain point, I remember being unemployed and not having the enthusiasm for life. I mean nothing to prove that my degree at the United States International University-Africa, (USIU-A) was worthwhile. Social media then became my greatest ally as I would look at events and drool over people’s lifestyle and accomplishments, then I would cry myself to sleep lamenting on how I was a total failure. It was during this period that I stumbled upon a page @debolalagos clicked the follow button and now, I  follow his advice in real life scenario. Uncle Adebola was and still is God’s own proof of “exceedingly abundantly much more than you can ever think of or imagine”; Ephesians 3:20.

Ephesians 3:20 King James Version (KJV)

20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us

At the age of 30, he has done so much in his career to the extent that lawmakers, presidents and big companies sought him to provide solutions. How impressive can it get than this?

As he posted his pictures, sometimes he would quote uplifting bible quotes magnifying God’s presence in his success and also encouraging the discouraged; people like me. I would see posts of him bowing down to nights of worship with his friends or looking for a place to worship in foreign countries. Slowly, I started believing in God, and declaring His promises upon my life, as I could see evidence in Adebola’s life of a living God. So the first reason as to why he is my mentor is because he re-introduced me back to God at a time where I thought God had forsaken me from where I was to where I am now with God, how marvelous!

My grades in school were exemplary but remember I was still jobless however I had an offer to work for a nightclub in PR/Marketing. In that dilemma, I did the unthinkable: I slid into his DM (it goes down in the dm, lol), and immediately felt stupid afterward for my crazy move. In my message, I introduced myself, asked about his rise to success, explained my situation, and sought guidance. I was reluctant about working for the night club because I felt that I had so much to offer other than that. I think you have all been there where you feel like your qualifications are too high for a particular job. “You are never too good for anything until you try, and once you

“You are never too good for anything until you try, and once you try, make yourself relevant and unforgettable, you never know who is watching,” he said. Long story short, I was the head of PR/Marketing and Communications for a night club and I worked so hard on his words. During my tenure, the club won several awards and was declared the best in the region, and everyone from the cooperate world to the entertainment industry wanted to be associated with it. That was where I made my name, and through it, I made my break into the profession I love dearly. He taught me to start where I am, with what I have and to be so good that no one can ignore me. As I write, I am in love with the direction my career path is taking.

Looking at my mentor, you will be surprised at his personality. For the fact that he replied to a stranger’s DM, or even have the time in his busy schedule to listen and advice me is ultimately what constitutes a humble man. He has been involved with lots of programs that shape the youth and has been the voice of the youth throughout Africa. I have learnt from him that it doesn’t matter where you are, who you talk to, or what your status is, what keeps you at the top is how you interact with someone who might not carry the status you are used to, because it is those people who will add you to their prayers and make it well with you. Just like Maya Angelou said, “when you learn, teach, when you get, give. Be wise enough to leave a legacy and teach the next generation, it is through them that you learn new ideas and be humble enough that you can sit with the elderly, they will guide you!”

Adebola Williams is a name that has only begun, and in my opinion will go down history books as the GREAT!

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