Things You Didn’t Know About My 2017

2017 in Review

“My 2017 in review”,  a post I’ve dreaded writing probably because I felt like there’s really nothing much to say (sounds like ingratitude, yeah?). I’ve taken time out to count my blessings for last year and I think it’s about that time I share:


2017 was a year of major growth and discovery for me. The year I did one thing I dreaded the most: serve my country. The thought of it drove me into mad depression which I talked about HERE.  Contrary to my fear,  it turned out to be one of my best years which I shared HERE


I learned to connect with teenagers on a whole new level, found another family, and established lifelong connections. One thing I was most proud of myself for was I learnt a skill I plan to monetize which was one of my goals for the year. Yezzir!, your girl makes bags now.. WATCH THIS SPACE.  In a nutshell,  it was a year of favor. God always showed HIMSELF true.


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I spent a lot of time looking down on my blog progress because I’ve compared myself to other bloggers (blog pressure is real) I started out with and how far they’ve gone. Truthfully, I feel like being a “monitoring spirit” these past years has kept me stagnant. I tried to do it like everyone else thinking that would get me out there. When I wasn’t doing as well as I had hoped as a copycat, I’d abandon the blog and consider deleting it. Writing became a chore, it was no longer something I looked forward to. Every time I battled with those thoughts, someone will always text to ask about why I haven’t written anything new. That always lifted my spirit and I’m happy I never got around to deleting it. It wasn’t all sad stories, a few good things happened for the blog. My victories might look small to some people but they’re grand to me.


I Changed My Web Host

It was hard saying goodbye to Siteground because of their amazing service but I couldn’t afford them anymore. I was in such a hurry migrate from to that I didn’t notice that after a year, the web-hosting fee increased. I found an amazing lady who handled my web hosting without me having to do anything. The best part is she worked with my budget. Yup! There was no fixed price. She’s really nice and you can send her an email:

Social Media

 I have ignored it for a while but I finally set it up. Don’t forget to say HI on:

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Some Of My 2017 Faves

Like I said, I had some good moments and contents I still drool over like:

Mental Health

How To Get Rid of Depression

The Hard Truth
Life Lessons


Ever written something and wondered if it was truly you who wrote em? That’s how I feel right now


Plans for 2018

I wish I had a long list of sweet things to say I will do but I’ve discovered over the years that I have a lot of unfinished goals.l While doing a review, I discovered I still want to accomplish some of them which I might share in the next post. The others I have modified to fit my current reality, personality, and dreams.

For my blog, I have decided to go back to my roots. The main reason I started this blog  was to tell my story, that of others and share experiences that can help the younger generation. This continues to be my journey of self discovery and I am back to sharing great content.

Have you deviated from your initial vision for doing something?

If yes, how did you get back on track?

I’ll love to read your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Things You Didn’t Know About My 2017

  1. Oh mehn!! I have deviated from too much. Initially I started 2017 with the plan to migrate to Asia to teach English for a year, while reading up, I figured out that my pocket did not match my big dreams. I actually wanted to migrate there so I could make some savings; the savings which I will then use to further my medical career.

    Then towards mid 2017, it seemed like I would not graduate from Med school but then it happened and the next thing I know, I was panicking deportation since I had no fees to get a return ticket to Nigeria my home country.

    I then had to come through Ghana which took about 4days.

    Part 2: my love life: I know I really wanted a boyfriend and a real relationship in 2017 which I almost gave up on……

    In all mehn, 2017 taught me so many things I doubted about myself. Some of which were:
    If I had that much patience for life?
    If I wanted love?
    If I will finish medical school?
    If I am actually a strong woman?
    If I am a good friend?
    I wondered what kind of woman I am sef… (still have no answer to that one).

    2017 was the year that needed to end and as it did, it was too kind to me.

    I loved myself more and your blog was one of the things I snuck to so I could have something to think about.

    Now, I will do a lot of reflecting and see where 2018 needs to take me but one thing is for sure, I will hit my first million in profit in 2018.

    1. Oh wow.. That’s a whole lot.. Still no answer to the kind of woman you are?
      I think we all deviate in a way but the important thing is always that we find our way back to our purpose.

      I’m glad you ended the year with more self-love.

      Comments like this give me the “ginger” to keep on keeping on.. Thank you for always coming back.

      Oshey! Billionaire gang on board

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