Threads By Kwete Grand Opening

Threads by Kwete!

Threads by Kwete!!

Threads by Kwete!!!

A Little Throwback Story

I kept hearing the name. Who’s he or she abeg?. She runs a fashion outfit somewhere in Jos. So I quickly followed her on Instagram for the day I’d be in need of her services and that was it. I didn’t know what she was about or what she looked like. From then on, when I hear “Threads by Kwete” I would form “I know her too” (Girls gotta be current yunno!)


So How Did I Fall In Love With Her?

On the 27th of June, 2018, I attended an event where she was one of the panelists. Before they started speaking I asked God for one thing “Please Lord, don’t allow them talk about their success stories; I’m bored with that. I want to hear about their challenges, struggles, and what has kept them going.”

Recently I’ve developed a keen interest in how businesses started and kept afloat.

The first thing she said was “I started my business out of a need to be useful to myself first and to my growing family. It was what I needed to stay alive, feel alive, and save me from self-destruction”. I had only one desire: to succeed or die trying.

That was it for me. I zoned out and thought of my life for a few minutes. Why? I battled with depression HERE shortly after university. I had absolutely no idea how to be useful to myself until 2016 when I got an idea in camp that I wasn’t confident about till now.

My favorite thing about her Instagram page is it’s more than just the clothes. There’s always a word or two for someone who’s going through a phase and is about to give up. Her words light up your spirit.

I could go on and on about this woman. This is just my observation from afar. Imagine what you and I will discover when we come close.

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Source: Africa Fashion Week Nigeria

I’m done locking myself up in the gym and the comfort of my bed. I’ve decided to open myself up to growth and new opportunities. She has invited us to share her world with her. A unique opportunity to meet her and have a better picture of what her dream is. An opportunity to network, have fun, and support her dream.

What to come with:


Your friends

Empty stomach

Loaded ATM cards and purses

A good friend of mine will always say every great person has someone they look up to. I have Threads by Kwete, who do you have?

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