The Ultimate Revelation Of Seed

I attended this conference to listen to just two people speak: Steve Harris and Fela Durotoye. I didn’t know any other person so I had no expectations. Shock on me when each speaker started pouring out deep wisdom from their wells of it.

I would love to tell you all about Jimi Tewe from his story he shared at the conference and what I’ve read about him but that’s a post for another day. In the meantime, you can read all about him HERE

Every one is a seed (Successful Expression of the Eternal Deity). Everyone of us is born of God. At some point in your life you need to decide if you came by evolution or by creation? If you have an evolution mindset, then you believe you’re an accident of creation. Gases formed and you formed from nowhere, therefore you can form anyhow in life.

Everyone is created for a purpose therefore, you’re here on assignment.

Ask Yourself

Is it likely that your being somewhere has a reason for it?

Are you going to throughout your life allow excuses limit your expression?

Many people don’t want to start from the bottom but the only thing that starts from the top is the grave. There’s never an excuse to stay in your past at the cost of your future. If your concern is “what will people say” you’ll never move forward in life.

Characteristics of a seed

1. Every Seed has an Origin

Find your source. This life is the shortest version of the big life. What you do on this side counts on the other side. Many of us carry capacity and potential but we limit ourselves. Making heaven is a good thing and when you get to heaven, you’d be asked to give account of your life on earth. What would you say?

  • Connect with God

The most important factor for success in life is the ability to hear God. Hearing God is simple; if you spend time with God, you’ll know his voice.

2. Every Seed has a Unique DNA

Believe in your ability. You’re not an accident, you’re designed the way you are because of your purpose. Appreciate your uniqueness.

3. The Success of a Seed does not lies Self-Expression.

There’s someone who you are that you need to express. A corn seed does not need to be envious of the size of a mango seed. What one man needs doesn’t necessarily translate to the need of another.

So many people spend time watching other people. When will you be watched?.

4. The Capacity of a Seed is Limited to How Much Nutrition It Takes

In summary, develop hunger for learning.When you desire something you’ll find a way. Nothing’s expensive, it’s all in your mind.

5. Every seed has a season

You’ll shine when it’s your season. In the words of Igwe 2pac “Amo shine when amo shine”

6. The Potential of a Seed is Hidden until it’s Buried

If you don’t die, you can’t live. To die means to have eliminated distractions in your life. You can’t make progress without sacrifice.

It’s impossible to sow and not reap. If you can’t sow in your own dream, who will sow for you?

They tried bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.

-Mexican Proverb

Challenges will come, but you will emerge a champion.

This session changed how I look at seeds completely. We feel like our life is our own and we’re not accountable to anyone for it. Remember that you’re here for a purpose. If you have discovered yours, continue living in your purpose. If you haven’t, spend time asking God to show you what it is.

Which of these characteristics struck a chord for you?

I’d love to read your thoughts

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Revelation Of Seed

  1. Characteristic number 3. Society expects us to behave and do stuff a certain way even if it suffocates some of us. Moana the animation brought it out so well and that gif up there just gave me life 😅😅😂

    1. Exactly. These days I have decided to be myself and pay little attention to societal norms as long as I’m not out of line

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