Understanding Where You Are In Your Life

Prior to this conference, I had no idea who Olori Ajayi was and right before she  spoke, I had to check her out on Google (trust me not to dull).

She’s a Fashion Entrepreneur, the founder of The KATIE WANG Company and the brain behind “Fashion on Wheels” which is the 1st Complete Fashion Store ON WHEELS in Nigeria and West Africa.

She came back to Nigeria in 2007 after she got married. Shortly after, she started her business with 30,000 naira ($82.8). Please what’s your excuse again?. Watch how it all started HERE

You need to give yourself a reality check, catch up and see where you’re wasting time. Let’s dive into some deep truths she shared:


1. You Need A Warrior’s Mentality

You need to stop breaking down at every failed venture. For the men, get yourself together, and shrug off those bad days; women, settle down and find yourself.

Nigeria is the best country to live in now. Understand one thing about theObodo” (Nigerian pidgin for abroad) that you’re running to: “They’re so developed that you can’t prosper as much as you would right here”. They have everything they need so what can you possibly give them that they don’t already have?. The best thing to do is  to go there, get ideas you can carry out here, and refine them to the realities of this country.
This was my favorite: “Snap out of the feeling of entitlement and get to work because nobody owes you anything”.

NOTE TO SELF: May you never meet the person you would’ve become.


2. The “How” For Your Business Is Waiting For You

After understanding the “Why” of your business, the next thing to think of is how to get yourself to the next level you’re dreaming about. On the way to your next level, don’t be led by greed. Be sure to take only what you NEED for your next level in terms of money and opportunities. Juicy offers will come that you will need to reject not because of pride but because you know honestly that you’re not ready for them yet.

Be careful of every business workshop not everyone is for you, you need specific business workshops tailored to your needs at that point so you don’t end up confusing yourself.


3. Association

It is important that people know: what you do and what you stand for. You need to start using terms you understand, terms that make sense than going with the fad and using ambiguous terms  like “fashpreneur” (lol) to sound cool. Business isn’t about sounding cool; you can’t go global with local terms.

Learn the place of how long you should be under a mentor. When you want to go (because you’ve gained small popularity) and it’s not time, you’ve just aborted something huge. Don’t be in a hurry to show off, there’s a place for learning. The fact that you’re showing a bit doesn’t mean you’re ready. Sit down and be humble.

Don’t look for your mentor, build yourself into a good mentee and your mentor will find you.There’s no ground hard enough to resist your seed

-Fela Durotoye


Must Read Book: OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell



  • Your business is your life, don’t ever differentiate them.
  • There’s a difference between trading and business that a lot of people lack the understanding of. If you’ve been in business for 10 years, there ought to be some results with 10 years. If not, you may have been in startup mode for 10 years. What are your books saying?
  • These days, a lot of business owners like to use the word “CEO” loosely. Do you know what it means to be a CEO?

In Olori Ajayi’s voice: The title “CEO” doesn’t make you look like the Oga (Nigerian slang for Boss), when you introduce yourself, simply mention what your core is in your business. Don’t be quick to call yourself a CEO, build what it takes to call yourself that or discover a role in the company you enjoy and use that affiliation. 

  • Be okay with the silent seasons in your life, don’t always be obsessed with activity. Some of you are sitting on instructions. Instructions have expiry dates. What you’re trying to do now, the instruction might have been for 2 years ago.
  • Focus is the ability to limit your distractions to one thing
  • Learn to study patterns. Prosperity doesn’t respond to prayer and fasting
  • What you know now, the value you have associated with yourself, is what you deserve.


Source: Olori’s Place

There you go. A truckload of wisdom delivered at your doorstep. You should totally read Managing the Seasons of Your Life and thank me later.

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