When God Asks You Questions

For a while now, I’ve asked myself this question. I mean He’s the all-knowing God so why’s HE asking little me all these questions. My answers won’t change what HE already knows

So I went searching for answers..

1. He asks not because he doesn’t know the answer but because you don’t know the answers.

Then reading my devotional (Our Daily Manna by Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe) this morning, here’s what I found:

2. He asks us questions to teach and show us SECRETS out of every battle we encounter.

For example,

i. He asked Adam, “Where are thou”? Sometimes we don’t realise WHERE we are in life and it takes the voice of God to remind us (Genesis 3:9)

This was the first question God ever asked man. It shows that God is interested in the “WHERE” of where you begin and WHERE you end

ii. He asked Moses, “What is that you have in your hands?” Many times the blessing you need is already in your hands or around you. (Exodus 4:2)

When you know the “WHAT” then you will know the “HOW” to get out of every battle. WHAT you have may be small but what you do with it is makes the difference.

iii. He asked Ezekiel,  “Can these bones live?”

Sometimes you may think a situation in your life is dead but God is reminding you that WITH HIM, NOTHING DIES!

iv. He asked Abraham, “Is there anything too hard for God?” Think about that question as you go through different situations.

When the devil throws the arrow of “IMPOSSIBLE”, God throws you the shield of “I AM POSSIBLE”.

When life asks you questions, refuse to quit

What questions have been on your mind lately about the way GOD works?

What are your thoughts?