Why You’ll Never Be Great

The best part about wanting to be GREAT is DREAMING IT. It’s so beautiful picturing what you want your life to be like when we add color and juice to our dreams. It’s the best and easiest. Most times we have random ideas that could be developed into multi-million dollar empires but they remain there in our dreams soaked in color and juice. Everyone wants to be great but very few choose to sit at the table.

The reality of it is once you dream it, the universe does its part and sets things in motion. The universe is your genie that grants your wishes. Familiar with the Law of Attraction right? You attract into your life that which you focus on a lot.

Life is the best teacher of all. Most times it doesn’t talk to you, it just pushes you around. Each push is life saying “WAKE UP! There’s something I want you to learn”. Life pushes all of us around; some give up others fight, a few learn the lesson and move on. 

Excerpts from Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki


The hardest part of greatness is putting in the work;  the extra hours, and extra push. Your daily habits that announce you as an overnight success, yet so scary when you start to work towards it.

“When the student is ready, a teacher will always be available”. Life is a teacher. It arranges all the milestones you need to accomplish and challenges you need to triumph over to get to your destination. It’ll push you around a lot. Make you hate yourself sometimes, make you tired, angry, feel pain, push disappointments your way… Life will beat you so hard until you start to PUSH PAST YOUR LIMITS or give up.

Where The Problem Lies…

  1. Fear

You see, dreaming and working are two different things. When you start working, you begin to see things your dreams didn’t show. Your dream painted a perfect picture but the reality is full of imperfections. You will be tired, you won’t get it right immediately, you’ll be in pain (Don’t quit. You’re already in pain, you’re already hurt.  Get a reward from it), you’ll feel down, you’ll struggle, you’ll deal with a lot of negative emotions along the line. If you want it so bad you’d push past all this and stay consistent. I wrote about consistency HERE. Success isn’t a sudden revelation, it is an accumulation of your everyday activities. How much work you put in, the opportunities you take advantage of, what you believe in.

I say it again:

If you want to be great, SHOW UP EVERYDAY! PUT IN THE WORK EVERYDAY! No matter how little. Success isn’t an overnight result. It is the accumulation of a series of productive daily activities capable of achieving results. STAY CONSISTENT.  Find out how HERE.

If you think working on your dreams is hard, TRY QUITTING and in years to come you’d be left gnashing your teeth when someone else takes your dream and births something beautiful. That would’ve been you but you were too busy being a chicken.

  1. We always wait for motivation to work.

I’m the number one culprit. My life revolved around waiting for motivation. So in a month, I’d put in work 6 to 7 times and I’d remove my thinking cap till the next time motivation decides to visit but really motivation is useless. Find out why HERE. If success is the result of an accumulation of your everyday activity where does motivation come in? There are days you have to PUSH yourself to work. Motivation is an added bonus when you know your salt.

  1. Pure laziness

This generation is a typical example of that. I’ve been trying to understand why everyone wants to “Get Rich Quick” yunno live “Life on the fast lane”. To what end? Show off. Then you squander the money and you’re back to where you started from. Now a lot of millennials want to build Rome in a day. I can only imagine the possibility of that. Some advanced form of witchcraft, sigh

  1. Making too much excuses

You always have a reason why you haven’t attained a certain level of success. Bear in mind that we all have 24hours in a day: The rich and the poor have 24hours, the old and the young have 24hours, so do the blacks, the whites, and everyone else.

A Few Things to Note

You are a soul that has a spirit living in a body. Don’t let your body dictate how much    you should accomplish in a day or how far you go in life. Don’t deprive your soul the greatness you spent time dreaming about it.  Life can’t release greatness to you if you’re not ready for it. Everything you see as sour on your journey, is all just to make you stronger.

The 5 second Window

Your brain has a 5 second window where you can move from idea to motion before procrastination and other negative thoughts set in. We are not designed to do scary/difficult stuff. Our brains are designed to keep us alive. To get to the next level in life, you will have to train your brain. You will have to do things that are difficult, scary, and uncertain.

Decision Making 

There are 3 decisions that control our lives:

  • What we choose to focus on
  • What we choose to do
  • How we choose to interpret events

You always have a choice. Stop blaming someone or something for your situation. Take control of your ego. Take ownership of everything in your life: your problems, job, future, family, finances, etc. A decision can and will always be made. Your job is to push yourself, Procrastinate less, make fewer excuses, and take action every day. Indecision is the thief of opportunity; what could be is postponed or may never happen.

My Final Words

I was joking when I said greatness is hard. I don’t believe anything is hard actually. You only think it’s hard because you can’t do it easily until it becomes your second nature. The journey to achieving greatness is one worth embarking on. It’ll push you past your limits but it won’t break you. You’ll discover a lot of things about yourself you didn’t know existed. You’ll  grow, you’ll become stronger, you’ll have a story, you’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll contribute your own quota to humanity, and above all and my favorite part you’ll be fulfilling purpose.

To all the Great people out there, steady keeping up with the grind and dealing with life’s blows, I appreciate you today.

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