The Wildbunch Presents

When I talked about how Jos is regaining it’s lost glory HERE I’m sure you thought I was joking. You probably thought “All these bloggers and their usual hype just to get attention”. Sorry to disappoint, I don’t roll that way, it wasn’t a gimmick, I’ll allow the pictures speak for themselves.

The previous Governor of Plateau state, Senator Jonah David Jang was there live in colour. From the delight on his face you can tell he had so much fun.


Missed it? Oops! Sorry. Not to worry, I come bearing good news so read on

Yas! Easter was lit in Jos thanks to The Wildbunch Amuzement Park. It’s new, fresh, and promises to keep Jos lively. I was there so I can testify.


My favourite thing about the park is its family centered events. Technology has sapped out all the quality time we’d usually spend with family but the events at Wildbunch always remind us that family plays a pivotal role in our lives despite the changing trends.

We’re not even over the Easter groove and they’re up-to something again for this month. As usual, there’s just too much awesomeness lined up that one day can’t handle. They decided to spread across three days (27th May – 29th May, 2017) for just 500naira which comes with a goody bag


Line Up of Events

27th: The Masked Party with Uncle Kefe. We’re all used to having masked party for the adults. Its time to share some mystery with the kids too.

28th: Children’s Funfair. Let’s saturate the atmosphere with the children’s laughter. A child’s laugh could simply be one of the most beautiful sounds on earth.

29th: Comedy Lounge with Funny G. In the words of Late Maya Angelou “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.”  What better way to celebrate Democracy Day?


I told you I had good news. If you missed the Easter event, Don’t miss the biggest weekend party in May. It’s got everyone covered.

Check out these Instagram handles for more information about the event: Adama Jang |Carl James |The Wildbunch Cafe|The Wildbunch Ng|

What are your thoughts?