So what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the acronym Y.O.L.O?… That’s what I asked them and this is what they had to say: Ah!, you only live once na.. Party hard.. Drinking till I blackout.. Smoking.. Being spontaneous.. Doing lots of crazy things. If anyone tries to interfere in my business I’ll just tell them.. YOLO baby!!!!

All I could do was stare and smile. You know I’ve always felt like this ‘YOLO’ thing was a spirit or convenient excuse that made people do stupid things and use it to justify their actions all in the name of spontaneity.

Okay let’s look at this together. A friend of mine once told me that your life is divided into four sections based on the average lifespan of 70 years. So the first bit being age 0-20 are considered the school age and the period of self discovery. The second bit being age 21-40 which of course still has some schooling involved for those who wish to further their education but mainly the working age and building a family. Age 41-60 then 61 and so forth.

Now for each section, there’s a goal that has to be achieved before successfully moving on to the next. You see, if you wasted your first years on earth with ‘YOLO’ what exactly will be your contribution to the earth in the second?. Or better what’s your contribution to your life?. God lays your life out to you in different stages. Based on your performance in the last, he decides if you’re ready to move to the next or you need to remain in that stage till you learn..

Now let’s look at YOLO in a different light. So yes, God created mankind in his image and likeness and sent them to dominate the earth right?. So everything on the earth is meant to serve man right?.. Okay, how about the fact that every man has a unique purpose to fulfill on earth?. I mean if it wasn’t necessary God could have as well made Adam do everything and we all would just come here to chill..

I’ve never been a fan of YOLO because it has always seemed like a very stupid and shallow idea to me. Presently, I advice my friends to adopt the YOLO perspective. Now don’t get me wrong, let me explain..

I used to take life tooooooo seriously and worry so much that having migraines daily became a norm. Everything about me was just to serious. Another friend of mine spoke to me and I hope this helps you as much as it’s helping me today. You Only Live Once because that’s enough to make a huge impact in the world. 70years is a very long time to be useful.

I mean people like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday just to mention a few had just one life and we’re all benefiting from their perspective of YOLO. If they decided to go with the current generations idea of it, imagine how life would be?.

I’m not saying being spontaneous is a crime but I’m a firm believer of everything being done in moderation. There’s time for everything which I translate into everything having a production and an expiry date..

I love Myles Munroe so much because he spent his time really emphasizing and teaching on purpose. I’d always hold on to his book ‘Maximizing Your Potential’ for one thing he said: ‘Make sure you die empty’.. That seemed really deep for me because he went further to explain that God has deposited lots of potential in us that a lot of people never explore till they die, So of course, they die full. That explains why people often say that the graveyard has the most wealthiest people in the world because of so much untapped potential that died with them..

I don’t know if I’ve lost you at some point but what I’m trying to say in essence is make your life count while you still can. The days of your youth when your bones are still strong are your best moments. Make a daily commitment to be a better person in the society and impact positive changes so in your old age you can sit back and relax.

Two days ago, I decided to read an old journal of mine which I’ve had since 2010 to see how my thought process was and I almost started crying. I had beautiful dreams of things I wanted to accomplish. A perfect was how I wanted to become a make-up artist and have my own company. Based on my plans, by this year I should have been properly established in the business but of course my fears had the best of me and I couldn’t pursue that dream further, I abandoned it. That journal made me realize how much potential I have that I undermine.

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